It is our goal to be a leading resource for owners, architects, elevator professionals, and elevator companies for the design of smart elevator systems. In our partnership with our manufacturing group we have the resources to not only design these systems but manufacture them and provide complete elevator packages.   

We are a Newly formed design firm built on 100's of years of combined experience in the elevator industry. We have brought together a group of leading elevator professionals, manufactures and suppliers to provide the highest level of services for our customers. 

About Us

My Story

I started in the elevator business in 1979 and have worked in all facets of the industry. I worked for ten years in the new construction business for Westinghouse Elevator. I worked my way up through all the levels from apprentice to field adjuster.

I then was offered a position in the   maintenance and repair department for Westinghouse / Schindler Elevator and was responsible for several large accounts in the Chicago Loop area.

I have owned and operated my own consulting firm and elevator company. After over ten years in the independent world I made a switch back to one of the major manufactures to help rebuild their modernization business. While in this role I saw a common push going through the industry for standard products. Even some of the companies that the industry has looked to for years for custom applications started pushing a more standard product line.

I saw a strong need for a custom elevator solution. A group that has the ability to work with other creative people to come up with a design for any situation. So here we are.

Mission Statement

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We will work directly with consultants, architects and owners to design your elevator systems for new and existing structures. Custom and commercial designs of every kind. We design every aspect of the project upfront prior to bid. Then you can choose if you want to handle the project in house or hire one of our consulting associates. Our consultants will put the job out to bid and provide project management. You get what you want at the price you need. 

We have a passion for vintage projects and work with owners to maintain the proper vintage look while upgrading their elevators.

All of our designs are available  in complete packages.  



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